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The camp-site has a direct access to the river Drôme, which has its share of small quiet beaches : you will enjoy going down the river riding your rubber rings , boards or inflate canoes , or even building your own little dams out of stones.

Near Vercheny , a second river : the Roanne will amaze you with its wild and quiet spots : you will definitely want to go find your own picnic spot along the Drôme banks and have a nice time swimming , jumping in the big holes of water and/ or sunbathing.

You want to dive , swim and do thalasso in a river : a third river : the Roubion just beside the village of Saou .

There is also all that our angler friends can dream of, be it small rivers( la Brette , La Sure , la Roanne and , of course , the Drôme ) or well-known spots : Eurre , the Pas des ondes in Cornillon. Don't forget your fishing rods !