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You will find all the information you need at the Reception concerning the many walking or cycling circuitsof the Diois area.

Let's go discover the natural riches of the Diois :

the gorges of the river Roanne.

the wall of Glandasse , the circus of Archiane

the gorges du Gats and the stone “lollipops” of Borne .

the Druise waterfall ( 72 m high ) and the gorges of Omblèze

the rocky landscape of the Claps and the jump of the river Drôme in Luc en Diois

the caves of the Vercors .

The picturesque villages : Saou , of the high Diois , Mirmande , Cliousclat, dedicated to the traditional art of pottery .

The bird garden in Upie, the aquarium of Allex, the lavand fields and the distillery in Chamaloc , the walks of the Clairette de Die will occupy a major place among the many unforgettable memories you will take back home.